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Fighting to Increase Latino Access to Care

Vanessa Gonzalez-Plumhoff, Director of Latino Engagement at Planned Parenthood Federation of America, is no stranger to small town talk and how intimidating it may be. And like many Latina women, she knows what it’s like for her sexual health to feel beyond her control. Gonzalez-Plumhoff recently explained in an NBC News article how these experiences inspired her to fight to help the Latino community gain access to health care.

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Five Abortion Workers Share Their Stories

At Planned Parenthood, we are tremendously grateful for the people who are on the frontlines of abortion care. That is why we wanted to spotlight the Refinery 29 article Meet The Women Who Make Abortions Possible, which features the stories of five people who are doing this important work.

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Stand with Planned Parenthood in Imperial Valley

We launched a social media campaign to support our new health center in Imperial Valley that opened this spring. Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest has worked long and hard to expand access to reproductive health care services in this region, but we continue to face vocal opposition.

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Pro-Voice Movement Sounds Off

With the 42nd Anniversary of Roe v. Wade on January 22, it is important to remember that one in three women in the United States has terminated a pregnancy before she was 40 years old. Yet, we often don’t realize how common abortion is because so few women discuss their experience outside of their closest circle of friends and family.

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Studies Confirm Low Abortion Rates and Risks

In the last few months, new data has been released with promising news about low abortion rates and risks. In November, the CDC released a report confirming the lowest abortion rate in 40 years. A few weeks later a study published in the Obstetrics and Gynecology Journal found that the risks associated with abortion are less than that of extracting a tooth.

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The Times They Are A-Changin’


Credit: CNN If you are a woman who uses birth control, has a great job, or even has a checking account today, it’s because of the hard-won victories of the Women’s Liberation Movement of the 1960s. It’s hard to imagine an employer telling a woman she has to resign once she gets married, becomes pregnant, or simply reaches the age of 32, but this was the reality of women’s lives until feminists launched the Women’s Liberation Movement. Click here to watch this fascinating CNN series on The Sixties, featuring Planned Parenthood Federation of America President Cecile Richards discussing the revolutionary role of birth control in woman’s lives and our cultural landscape.

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